Difference Between Candid And Traditional Photography

Difference Between Candid And Traditional Photography

Nowadays, most people show great interest in choosing photo services for their events like weddings, engagements, pre-wedding sessions, etc. Do you have any idea what candid wedding photography is? What Traditional wedding photography is? Celebration?

If your answer is no, I assure you that by the end of this blog you will have a clear idea of ​​what candid photography is the difference between traditional wedding photography and candid wedding photography and why people choose candid photography as well as why people choose Traditional photography.

Let us begin…!

There is constantly a debate approximately Candid Wedding photography and Traditional Wedding photography and which one you have to decide for. This publication will attempt to clear this confusion.

Difference Between Candid And Traditional Photography

There is a great rivalry between these two main styles. Although they are complete opposites, the choice is usually between these two. In case you’re not familiar with spontaneous moments in photography, let’s take a look at what it’s all about. A key factor is the photographer’s approach. While traditional wedding photographers are close to the subject, guiding and correcting poses, Candid is the complete opposite.

There are no classic wedding portraits here. The main point is to capture the natural beauty of a given moment from afar. the photojournalistic method you are probably familiar with.

Wedding in India is not anything much less than a festival, wedding ceremony seasons in India are alike festive times. You can regularly see adorned Barat on the street side, with loud music of the dhol and dance. People desire to bear in mind the moments of fun, joy, rituals and vows that have been taken throughout the wedding day.

Pictures say more than a thousand words, this phrase may not apply in our everyday life, but when it comes to weddings, everyone swears by this phrase. After the wedding, these pictures will help you remember the special day forever, like the moments. Captured throughout the process, all are extraordinary moments. So when it comes to wedding photography, you need to be clear about what you want. Because wedding photography is not just about pictures, it is about the emotions that the photographer captures.

Should I only hire genuine wedding photographers? What about the reception? Don’t need
traditional photographers? What is the difference between candid photography and traditional photography? These are the most common questions we get from couples. Choosing a photographer for your wedding is an important decision understand that it can get overwhelming considering you’re so busy making many decisions, such as where to go, and what to do next. E.g. selecting the wedding planning team, catering services, make-up artists, florists etc. All at the same time. Here’s a guide to the differences between traditional photography and candid photography. this will help you to find the right combination.

Every moment counts in life:

In our short lifespan, every moment is so unforgettable. Your wedding day is particularly memorable, maybe it’s 1 day or 2 days in your life. After long years, when you see your wedding videos or your albums with your son, daughter or granddaughter, or grandson, those feelings that we cannot imagine. Just a minute you can feel it…!

Oh my god, these feelings are incredible.

So don’t forget to capture these memories in your marriage. Every moment counts at your wedding. You can capture these wedding moments with traditional photography or candid photography, but it must be more memorable in our lives.

Candid Photography

Without these words, photographers will capture “your natural smile”, “your natural happiness”, “bleeding heart”, etc. These are candid photos. Candid photography is the art of clicking on images when the subject is posing unconsciously, naturally, and not for the photographer. The subject can be still or moving when you click. The quality of candid photography depends on candid moments. And the story it says about the moment. Candid wedding photography places more emphasis on storytelling than candid pictures. The documentary style of photography is also an essential part.

Candid photographers fuse fashion, architecture, portraits, products and other forms of photography. It gives a beautiful but new meaning to Candid Wedding Photography. Candid photographers shoot places in the style of architectural photography. They photograph wedding rings in the style of product photography.

This new era of wedding photography encompasses everything. Wedding photographers conduct prep sessions for the bride and groom. Candid wedding photography is a mix of traditional and new techniques. Because it gives conventional wedding photography a fresh and unique touch. It’s about photographing people who don’t know they’re being photographed. As a result, the name Candid was stamped. Photographers shoot without setting everything up. This makes it look spontaneous and realistic.

The photographer travels around the wedding venue and photographs people preparing for the wedding. Despite being more expensive than standard photography, candid photography has gained popularity in recent years for being more realistic and natural. The goal of candid photography is to document reality in its pristine form. People tend to behave and act differently when they know they are being recorded. Their facial expressions are unnatural, they may feel uncomfortable, and some may even prefer to leave the area. Also, sometimes it can be difficult to break free and enjoy a moment of celebration and happiness.

Traditional Photography

Whenever you attend a wedding celebration, we will hear some of these words from photographers like “please smile”, “please pose”, “look here”, etc. These are traditional photographs. Traditional photography is less expensive than candid and it is primarily focused on the bride and groom. Photos taken traditionally frequently appear extra synthetic than candid ones. People are usually aware that they are getting clicked and that they immediately appear straight into the camera.

According to many couples, a wedding is a traditional classic. There should be no room for modern and stylish exaggerations. That is why traditional photography is still one of the most popular styles. Despite technology, trends and modern equipment, traditional wedding photographers never take a break. It is all about photographing the wedding participants by posing or taking simple pictures of the events.

The photographer instructs you to sit in a specific spot, stand in front of a specific background, or pose in group photos. You will recognize this style of photography when you look at your parents’ wedding album. The wedding photos appear staged. Fixed poses and wedding pictures at eye level.

Traditional photography or traditional videography, as opposed to candid photography, involves capturing images of people sitting or posing. They know they will be photographed. This type of photography requires a more formal technique. Traditional photography allows photographers to create the ideal. Environment to conquer the best position of all. It also means people can dress up and strike a pose that suits them best.

Everyone attempts to present their first-rate pose to make the photographs look good, while candid photographers use their fashion and experience to make first-rate shots. A lot of flashlights are utilized in conventional photographs. The duration of the video is sort of 1 hour and in candid it’s a most of forty minutes. Colours, styles, and settings are extraordinary in candid however in conventional it’s miles extra basic.

Traditional Wedding Photography Poses

While all good traditional wedding photographers will make a list of poses, it certainly helps to have some ideas about your photography style. Also, it’s important to see if the pose you want to do suits you well. An elegant and unique pose you saw on Pinterest might look great, but can you replicate it? Since traditional wedding photography is safe ground, we recommend playing it safe with the poses, too.

Walk side by side – This is a real deep tissue massage. A couple walk side by side and rebuilds their life path. Another variation of this pose is when one person stands in front of another, holding the other’s hand and leading the way.

The dip pose – In the immersion poses to do, the groom must gently dip the bride and kiss her or look into her eyes. The best result is achieved when the bride’s torso is almost parallel to the floor.

Sunset silhouette – This pose works exceptionally well in natural landscapes such as a lawn. Field or sandy beach silhouetted at sunset A perfect moment to take a picture after the ceremony and before the actual night party. Find a spot where the sunset surrounds you and get creative with the shape.

Kiss under the veil – This pose shows a beautiful bond between the newlyweds. This is the essence of marriage in a photo.

The whispers – intimate as the previous one. Say to your partner how much you adore and respect her. An appealing facial expression makes this photo shine. A photo at the end – Let the place be an empty spot or the way back.

The Importance Of Candid Photography Vs Traditional Photography

#1 Focus – The focus of the traditional photographer is on reporting. They aim to get as much out of the event as possible by making sure every ceremony is documented, even if that means asking a couple to repeat a certain step or to look at the camera during an important ceremony takes place. At a wedding event, you will see them meticulously photographing the ceremonies. Your goal will be to cover all of the wedding offering items and paraphernalia as well.

They are good at making a whole album of your events and attendees. Sincere Photographer focuses on emotions. Although the couple is the star of the day, there are people (family and close friends) for whom this wedding is also a special day. The honest photographer will be in and out of events to follow the actions of these people. Also, the couple puts a lot of effort into choosing the location, outfits, jewellery, and decoration; Therefore, the focus is not only on the ceremonies but also on many other details, such as preparation shots, decoration shots, behind scenes various ceremonies, etc.

#2 Equipment – Equipment In traditional photography, the tripod, lighting, camera and lens are somewhat different from the equipment used in Candid photography. The lenses differ in both cases, as does the lighting.

In spontaneous photography, the photographer uses a handheld stabilizer because the shots are taken on the spur of the moment and not planned like in traditional photography. Therefore, candid photography equipment is a bit high-end.

#3 Training – The traditional photographer has a clear focus on covering as many events and people as possible. Therefore, you do not need to master advanced techniques. It must be strict and always present.

The Candid photographer must master the use of lights, multiple lenses and equipment such as reflectors. Indian weddings have different lighting conditions and a good candid photographer needs to be technically trained to ensure that all the photos they provide are consistent, be it in the bride’s dressing room in low light or a cocktail party in a banquet hall or a shared mandap.

These different lighting conditions require constant training with new equipment and the latest techniques.

#4 Prices – Candid photographers are expensive compared to traditional photographers. This is because candid photography is the “fancy” type of photography with fancy lighting, shallow depth of field, saturated colors and expensive equipment. The post-processing of the images is also different and the photos taken show emotions in their purest form and reality.

#5. Image Quality: Traditional photographers focus on fixed pose portraits and their images are super sharp, saturated and exposed, somehow missing the true essence of the images. On the other hand, when it comes to candid photographers, focus on moments, frames, and lighting and add their aesthetic value.

Therefore, your images will have the right color balance, look real, and represent any upcoming emotions. Also, a candid photographer will display the photo on in the same way as 1000 people saw it. Therefore, the quality of candid is better than that of traditional photos.

#6. Editing Process – The traditional photographer shoots dozens of weddings a month. Due to time constraints, you can only do very basic photo edits. What you get is usually a large collection of slightly corrected photos.

The candid photographer takes the time to sit down and significantly edit the images she captures. Good composition and colour correction make a great picture! We’ve invested in Adobe Lightroom and Final Cut Pro to ensure our photographers have access to the best tools. Because they value high-quality output, Candid photographers spend a lot of time on colour grading, curating, and other creative edits. Candid photos that are conveyed should seem gracious and personal.

The candid photographer takes the time to sit down and significantly edit the images she captures. Good composition and colour correction make a great picture! We’ve invested in Adobe Lightroom and Final Cut Pro to ensure our photographers have access to the best tools. Because they value high-quality output, Candid photographers spend a lot of time on colour grading, curating, and other creative edits. Candid photos that are conveyed should seem gracious and personal.

Conclusion: Which is The Best Candid And Traditional Photography ?

Candid photography and Traditional photography are both good. If you are looking for a photographer for wedding celebrations, anniversary celebrations, celebrations and other important occasions, then Candida Photographer must be your choice. But if you are looking for a photographer for events like birthday parties, then the traditional photographer is good enough. If you have an intimate wedding ceremony with, say, 100 guests, a candid wedding photo will do. At any higher number, you should consider a company that does both. Most studios offer both services as this allows their respective teams to do what they specialize in.

The traditional photographer has the freedom to create a comprehensive reporting album. Traditional photography captures events the way they are meant to be captured. It’s people’s natural emotions that make candid wedding photography so beautiful. Capture people in their most natural states and capture the mood of the moment in a photo. The Candid photographer is free to create a curated cross-section of the most important moments and events of the wedding.

When the shot shows a newly married couple, they are easy to spot in traditional photography. You would also be the focal point of the picture. It’s not the same as candid photography. The photographer can choose an intriguing angle to photograph the couple just married. A fresh perspective may help you focus on a moment. You can also use light to give the picture a new look. As a result, it’s more artistic.

The approach of a candid photographer differs from that of a traditional photographer. For example, a sincere portrait photographer will use light and portray a person in a more relaxed manner. The final appearance of the photo is also affected by photo editing. The skill of the photographer also plays a role. The difference between the two types is how they approach a scene that needs to be captured. Also how they want to organize and click on a photo. The difference could also lie in the type of environment they choose and how they use light.

They both are needed. The results are different in both cases. Both forms of photography can produce good results depending on the photographer’s experience. Also, some pictures are best taken candidly, while other aspects of the wedding call for traditional photography. In addition, families and parents mostly prefer traditional photography, while couples mostly prefer candid photography.

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